Transportation Radioactive Materials

The scope of work for transportation and packing radioactive material is based on the Radiation Protection Regulations (transportation) 1989, to guarantee the continuity of the safety of workers, the public and the environment. In addition the IMDG IATA rules and will also apply if the transport is carried out by air and sea.

i) Smear test will be carried out before the package was placed into the vehicle. This is to ensure that no contamination of radioactive materials

ii) The package will be placed in a stable condition in a vehicle

iii) Make sure the dose rate at the driver and co-driver was less than 0.02 mSv / h (2 mR / hr).

iv) Radiation warning sign ‘CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL ‘will be placed at right, left and rear of the vehicle

v) Each radioactive material transport services are operated by two (2) radiation workers

Transport services can be divided into two categories:
1. Transportation of radioactive material in the State

a) Transporting radioactive material to be sent to the hospital for medical purposes.
b) Transporting radioactive material to be delivered to the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, for the purpose of disposal.

2. Transport of Radioactive Material Overseas

a) Arrange packaging and shipping arrangements for the disposal of radioactive waste or returned to the country of origin.

How to Transport Radioactive / Radioactive Waste

a) Road to Peninsular Malaysia
b) Through the air to Sabah Sarawak and overseas